October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (1 of 9)

This year marked my first trip to the ITU Age Group World Championships, at the Grand Final in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I traveled solo, and took lots of photos to share the experience with friends and family back home. As such, this isn't a race report so much as a travel journal -- following a fantastic week of new experiences with friends and teammates. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair!


In advance of the race, Rotterdam Tri posted a video preview of the bike course. It became evident it was going to be more of a Tony Hawk-style parcour than a run of the mill road bike course.

Stairs... at least we get a ramp overtop?

And... yeah. Other bits included cobblestones, narrow bike paths, a tunnel, a number of bridges, and what appeared to be permanent outdoor furniture on the course (in the end, they unbolted and removed it).

 And we're off!


Salad! Because nobody posts pics of the leftover birthday cake they had for breakfast. Also, if you haven't tried this place, it's delicious.

It was a little tricky getting my bike bag and suitcase down the narrow hallways and around the tight corners, but my room is enormous by cruise ship standards! I'm staying on the SS Rotterdam, a decommissioned ship from the '50s. So cool! I even have a pair of portholes!

When you get your bike reassembled by yourself, and it runs beautifully and no pieces fall off...


Want to see more? Here ya go! -- Rotterdam (2 of 9) >>

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