October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (9 of 9)

Finally getting to race day pics, now that my kidneys are working again (kidding... but there's a certain convenience to going 13.5 hrs without having to pee during transatlantic travel). Race day brought the best weather we'd seen all week. The water was a little chilly at 16C, but was calm. The twisty, technical bike course was completely fenced and cleared of storm debris. It rode well, but as expected there were some crashes. The run course meandered through a beautiful shady park, and we were handed flags by our team managers as we headed to the finish chute. So happy and grateful to have had this opportunity! Now, back to regularly scheduled "normal life".

Nothing like a 2 a.m. ship/hotel evacuation the night before race day... at least the triathletes were quick into our clothes, while some emerged shirt- and shoe-less into the cold night rain.

Now THIS is the sky and water you want to see out the porthole on race morning

Heavy pedestrian traffic for the race meant we had to walk rather than ride our bikes over the bridge on our way to drop our shoes in T2. Pre-race logistics were more finicky than usual, as we had two transition areas instead of a single one.

BYOS -- bring your own straw! There was a big pile for athletes to grab as they needed, to cover muddy areas in the grass transition zone.

Trying to tamp down a straw path to my shoes through the mud. In the end, all it meant was having mud AND straw in my shoes. 

Lucie waiting with our pile o' bikes outside T2. Next stop... T1 to drop the bikes. — with Lucie Tremblay.

On the athlete shuttle boat to T1. Very civilized! — with Lucie Tremblay.

Racked and ready in T1. At this race, all our swim gear had to be closed into the blue swim bag before we left on the bike.

This bike store was way cool. Had to return the emergency anti-flat measures I picked up the day before, because they turned out not to be compatible with my setup. Argh. Thankfully, I didn't flat! — at CROOZE.

Sprint-distance folks crossed paths with our (happy, tired) standard-distance teammates!

I'm used to racing in the morning, so I find fueling for an afternoon race tricky. Getting a few bites in, as well as some caffeine, about an hour before the swim start. Added an extra espresso shot to a regular cappuccino as an experiment (conclusion: it was too much) 

Perfectly positioned to watch the earlier waves of athletes head out on the bike course (see behind me).
 — at POSSE Shop Restaurant Espressobar Gallery Vintage Emporium.

Made it across the finish line! 

With my trusty steed post-race. Time to ride back to the hotel.

Nice gesture for the management to offer us a free drink to apologize for the fire alarm/evacuation shenanigans from the night before — at ss Rotterdam.

Aaaannd... I'll find another pair of shoes to wear to closing ceremonies

Neat former industrial site turned event space, for closing ceremonies — at Maassilo Rotterdam.

With John and Theresa of team Canada. Theresa unfortunately couldn't compete, as she had a run-in with a delivery truck in Canada a week before the race. Ow. 

Trading stuff with a member of team New Zealand


Yep, the Aussies brought an inflatable kangaroo to the party 

Brazil showing their team spirit 

Thanks to Ahmed, Iain and friends for letting me tag along on the way home. Their knowledge of public transit was much better than mine (had no idea when/if a watertaxi would show up at that hour, so took the metro and bus back to SS Rotterdam) 

And now to the late-night task of disassembling my bike and packing all my stuff. Booo!! — at ss Rotterdam.

Note to self: bring nitrile gloves next time. Not to worry, my parents raised me right -- no hotel towels were harmed in the packing of this bike.

These are definitely keepers

 This shot appeared on Triathlon Magazine Canada's website! My 0.5 seconds of fame! lol

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (8 of 9)

More later (it's 30 minutes till closing ceremonies start and I have to at least get my bike disassembled and packed before I go)… but wanted to share this one. It was a great day... I haven't even checked what my time was, or where I placed.

And before I go to sleep, because the shuttle is picking me up in about four hours, here is a special one I took today for Vince, Addy, and Caroline


2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (7 of 9)

Caught some of the elite men's final today, and graduated to wearing two jackets, a toque, and a neck warmer. You could almost hear a collective "uh oh" from the age groupers when we realized a number of the elite athletes were wearing long sleeve shirts under their race kits. Predictably, most anything that could be used as such at the race expo was sold out. Many of us will wear our team cycling jackets tomorrow, which we've confirmed is allowed under the rules. Feeling pretty good, but I'll feel better once I'm over the last of the three bridges on the bike course tomorrow. Thank you to my Mum for looking after the kids so I could be here! ❤️ And good luck to my husband Vince who is competing at the J24 sailing world championships. 💕 Let's do this!

The elite men in the water — at Rijnhavenbrug.

This lovely chocolate lab had the best view of the swimmers. Poor thing, I bet he was thinking "look at all these people I have to rescue!!"

Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain 🇬🇧

The elite men charging down the bike course — at Thon Hotel Rotterdam.

I don't know what any of this says, but it's something about these french fries giving you magic, strength, and love. OK, I'm in.

Carb loading with some delicious frites

Elite run course

Is it worth it today to queue in the rain and cold for a latte? Why yes, yes it is!

Managed to get my feet up briefly to rest the legs a little before tomorrow — at ss Rotterdam.

I totally just did these on an adult in her 30s for her race tomorrow... yeah, dance Mum skillz! 😁 — at ss Rotterdam.


2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (6 of 9)

Had another fantastic day. Watched some of the para triathlon, wandered through the expo and the neighbourhood, checked out a cool food hall, and went on a boat tour with some of my teammates. Our athlete welcome package included a three day metro pass and a free ticket for the boat tour. Decided to food truck it for dinner… another "best I've ever had": pulled pork, omg. Not greasy, super tasty, on a perfect bun with lettuce, pickles and (key ingredient) coleslaw on the sandwich. Might have to have another one for lunch tomorrow. 😋 We actually had a little sun today, but I still wore two jackets and my toque for most of it. Fun fact - Siri voice to text can absolutely not get the word 'toque'.

Fancy bikes a plenty in the expo area. Crowds of people at the World Triathlon gear store.

Para triathlete and his guide approaching the end of the bike course

Brought to you by team Ireland. This fellow's elderly dad took his extremely expensive bike for a spin.

Alastair, from Ireland. His dad was pretty impressed with my brother's very Irish name lol — at Thon Hotel Rotterdam.

Sightseeing on a boat tour with Echo and Judy, and others from Team Canada — at Spido Rotterdam.

You never get tired of looking at the architecture in Rotterdam. All of it looks like it was done with care and purpose. — at Spido Rotterdam.

A view of the SS Rotterdam from the water. It has been such a wonderful place to stay, I highly recommend it! — at SS Rotterdam.

So lucky to spend the best part of the day out on the water

The bike mechanic was a busy guy today — at Westerkade Rotterdam.

Home of the best pulled pork ever. As the sign says, "Sweet baby Jesus, it's good!"

Prepping my wetsuit, helmet, and race bib nice and early so I don't have to think about it once the nerves start kicking in — at ss Rotterdam.