October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (7 of 9)

Caught some of the elite men's final today, and graduated to wearing two jackets, a toque, and a neck warmer. You could almost hear a collective "uh oh" from the age groupers when we realized a number of the elite athletes were wearing long sleeve shirts under their race kits. Predictably, most anything that could be used as such at the race expo was sold out. Many of us will wear our team cycling jackets tomorrow, which we've confirmed is allowed under the rules. Feeling pretty good, but I'll feel better once I'm over the last of the three bridges on the bike course tomorrow. Thank you to my Mum for looking after the kids so I could be here! ❤️ And good luck to my husband Vince who is competing at the J24 sailing world championships. 💕 Let's do this!

The elite men in the water — at Rijnhavenbrug.

This lovely chocolate lab had the best view of the swimmers. Poor thing, I bet he was thinking "look at all these people I have to rescue!!"

Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain 🇬🇧

The elite men charging down the bike course — at Thon Hotel Rotterdam.

I don't know what any of this says, but it's something about these french fries giving you magic, strength, and love. OK, I'm in.

Carb loading with some delicious frites

Elite run course

Is it worth it today to queue in the rain and cold for a latte? Why yes, yes it is!

Managed to get my feet up briefly to rest the legs a little before tomorrow — at ss Rotterdam.

I totally just did these on an adult in her 30s for her race tomorrow... yeah, dance Mum skillz! 😁 — at ss Rotterdam.


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