October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (2 of 9)

Have been here half a day, and already worth the trip. Took my bike for a test ride after putting it back together, explored the ship I'm staying on, walked around the area, stumbled on a tiny Thai restaurant that's the best I've ever had, got a first glimpse of the transition zone for the race, and stood on the spot where my Granddad boarded the Holland America Line ship that carried him to Canada.

Jacqueline has her own nook in my room. 


It's as if someone crossed the Love Boat with the Diefenbunker. I love it.

Small sitting area near one of the gang plank entries

 Apparently this is what you do when you're at an intersection on your bike and want the light to change

The Luxor theatre, approaching the Rijnhaven bridge

I have no idea what this is. But it's super cool.

Floating trees. It's art, people!

Charming front entryway at one of the densely packed houses near the ship.

My floating hotel, the SS Rotterdam

Ever played the game Operation? Don't let the bike touch the walls!

Up on the pool deck. Deserted... it was a bit brisk.

Me and the captain!

Just nerding out again on the 1950s typography

Main staircase to the lobby

Thought the girls would like this… Look, it's a tiny truck!

See… I am a giant! Hahaha

Best tom kha soup ever

These posters promoting different local arts events give a feeling for the diversity of this area

Walhalla theatre

Rijnhaven bridge

Yep, bikes are a thing here. One of our team managers rented one of these bad boys to pre-ride our bike course this afternoon. — at Hotel New York Rotterdam.

This is where Granddad boarded his boat to Canada❤️

Preparations underway in the transition area (blue carpet)

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