October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (6 of 9)

Had another fantastic day. Watched some of the para triathlon, wandered through the expo and the neighbourhood, checked out a cool food hall, and went on a boat tour with some of my teammates. Our athlete welcome package included a three day metro pass and a free ticket for the boat tour. Decided to food truck it for dinner… another "best I've ever had": pulled pork, omg. Not greasy, super tasty, on a perfect bun with lettuce, pickles and (key ingredient) coleslaw on the sandwich. Might have to have another one for lunch tomorrow. 😋 We actually had a little sun today, but I still wore two jackets and my toque for most of it. Fun fact - Siri voice to text can absolutely not get the word 'toque'.

Fancy bikes a plenty in the expo area. Crowds of people at the World Triathlon gear store.

Para triathlete and his guide approaching the end of the bike course

Brought to you by team Ireland. This fellow's elderly dad took his extremely expensive bike for a spin.

Alastair, from Ireland. His dad was pretty impressed with my brother's very Irish name lol — at Thon Hotel Rotterdam.

Sightseeing on a boat tour with Echo and Judy, and others from Team Canada — at Spido Rotterdam.

You never get tired of looking at the architecture in Rotterdam. All of it looks like it was done with care and purpose. — at Spido Rotterdam.

A view of the SS Rotterdam from the water. It has been such a wonderful place to stay, I highly recommend it! — at SS Rotterdam.

So lucky to spend the best part of the day out on the water

The bike mechanic was a busy guy today — at Westerkade Rotterdam.

Home of the best pulled pork ever. As the sign says, "Sweet baby Jesus, it's good!"

Prepping my wetsuit, helmet, and race bib nice and early so I don't have to think about it once the nerves start kicking in — at ss Rotterdam.



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