October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (3 of 9)

Today started with a 100-110km/hr wind warning. Some went out on a short ride -- spoke to some teammates who got blown off their bikes, one into a car. I gave that outing a hard NOPE and had a latte instead. Two team course familiarization rides cancelled. Went for a run/sightseeing jaunt this afternoon, learned a tiny bit of Dutch after a trip/sprawl incident (see pic of sign for details). More friends arriving... kit pickup is tomorrow. Race day's getting close! 

Clare braving the conditions

Where's Waldo? Hint: near the middle, talking to her friend in the fluorescent yellow helmet, with a book tucked under her elbow rather than a bike in her hand.

Given the gale force winds and my lack of sleep, this seemed like the reasonable thing to do

Apologies for the half finger in front of the lens, but even with both hands on my phone the wind was threatening to rip it out of my grip — with Hilary Iwanowski.

Only thing flying on the deck today was patio furniture. All flags were put away.

Strategy 1: use a taller friend as an anchor — withHilary Iwanowski.

Down in the bowels of the ship. Hilary and I agreed this is the creepiest pool we have ever seen (only used on historical tour now, not open for use).

Awesome Jetson style staircase

Lucie and Catherine, glad to be off the airplane!

Still a beautiful day

Tough to see in this photo, but there is a wind vane on top of this tower (on the Hotel New York) shaped like a sailing ship. As it moves, the dial indicates the wind direction.

During my run: "Hey, that ends in a "!"… I bet it's something important. I wonder what it means?" - moments before I catch my foot on a 4" metal lip and go sprawling into a guard rail. My educated guess is the sign says "don't trip on this!" Idiot move of the day.

Setting up the finish area

Sometimes it changes out of the lycra and goes out to dinner

The water taxi pontoon at the SS Rotterdam


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