October 09, 2017

2017 ITU Age Group World Championships - Rotterdam (4 of 9)

Another full and exciting day here in Rotterdam. Encountered microburst storm conditions on the course familiarization ride this morning... hail, driving rain, extreme wind gusts. So much fun, that I decided to stand in a hot shower for about half an hour instead of changing into my wetsuit to go for a swim afterward. The video I posted yesterday gives you an idea of the water conditions… I gather someone was pulled off the course into a safety boat during today's practice. More importantly, we had our team Canada meet and greet event, followed by the opening ceremonies and dinner at Laurenskerk. This massive and beautiful church is the only medieval structure in Rotterdam that wasn't bombed to the ground during the war. All the pews have been removed, and now it is used as an event space. Had a great time meeting triathletes from all over the world, who I'll share the course with on Sunday.

The breakfast buffet on the ship is delicious

Team Canada setting out on a course familiarization ride. We were all a lot wetter when we got back.

I'm not a regular coffee drinker, but I love a good espresso or cortado. Turns out the machine in my hotel room makes the best espresso ever. They even have a little single servings of organic milk.

The stir stick stayed up by itself in the crema. So good.

Race kit pick up was predictably busy this afternoon. Especially since all the athletes were looking to get out of the rain.

At the Team Canada meet and greet. Unfortunately, due to the nasty weather, the parade of nations was canceled. — with Hilary Iwanowski at Westelijk Handelsterrein Rotterdam.

Hilary signing a teammate's flag

Best accessory award goes to… The moose stuffy

It's Colette's wedding anniversary today. Good thing her husband is also a triathlete!! — with Colette Hopkins.

Yay, team OTC! — with Bryan LemireJenn Bushelland Rachel Heft.

Yes, I bought a toque at the world triathlon shop. And came to realize that if I say the word toque to anyone who's not Canadian, they have no idea what I'm talking about.

The beautiful former church of Laurenskerk, at the opening ceremonies — in Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk.

In this shot, I can spot athletes from Great Britain, New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, and Norway

Having some fun with athletes from the Mexican team

Brazilian athlete getting into the spirit of things

Fellow athlete, from Japan


Who cares that it's pouring rain outside… This is awesome

Had to get a shot with someone from team Ireland! This is one of their team managers.

Team Canada (you probably figured that out)


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