October 29, 2015

News, and The List

A bit of exciting news! I've been invited to join OTC's High Performance Squad for 2016. I'm honoured to have this opportunity to train with some seriously fast athletes. Judging by the current/former members of the squad that I had dinner with in Magog, they are great folks to be around too. Oh, those nice dinner companions? All (except one who was nursing a bad stress fracture) qualified for Worlds at that race. Time to up my game!

I've finally shaken off the post-season burnout feeling, and I'm enjoying being busy with things other than training... like keeping a new puppy out of trouble, knitting a sweater for my daughter, taking my other daughter to riding lessons, trying to keep the house neat enough that I can find my keys, and of course thinking about what I'd like to do this coming year in triathlon and otherwise. I figure I might as well start with a bigger list, and go from there -- inspired by Kelsey, the Happy Triathlete (and, I might add, one of my new coaches on the HPS next season!).

Say hi to Tinley! She says "Are those running shoes expensive? They look delicious..."

List of things I'd like to do at some point:

  • Sing Handel's Messiah at the National Arts Center in Ottawa
    • So excited to be crossing this off the list this year!!! Everyone come see it, December 15 and 16th. I promise I won't wear lycra. Though I am open to bribes/dares to yell "on your left!" during the Alleluia.
  • Do the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon
    • With the crappy Canadian dollar and the entry fee going up to $750 US, I've adjusted this "want to do" to be simply... swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco. I mean, if I want to race a steep bike or run course, I'll just go to Tremblant or Muskoka and save some coin. 
  • Complete an Ironman
    • Because who needs sleep, a life, or body parts that aren't broken... right?
  • Qualify for and race at Age Group World Championships
    • Want to take another crack at this one.
  • Do a multi-day bike tour
    • Ideally something with really good food and wine at the end. 
  • Live on a boat
    • Don't know where I'll put the bikes, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Anyone have other suggestions? Must-do races or other events? What's looking good in 2016? So many possibilities!


  1. Replies
    1. I have a good idea for a birthday present next year... you could let me warm up your ponies for you at a match! :) I don't have a horse at the moment that would be at all interested in playing. lol I'll throw in the deluxe grooming package. It'll be just like the old days.

  2. Winterlude Triathlon

    Pentathlon des Neiges de Quebec

    Run the Chicago Marathon (w/Imerman Angels of course) :-)

    1. Good ideas, Brent! Winterlude Tri is one I've never done before (mainly because my fitness typically stinks that time of year haha).