September 02, 2014

Now that tri season's over...

  • I can wear high shoes without fretting about potential injury (oh I'll still hurt myself... it just won't impact a race)
  • I'll continue to wear stretchy clothes. Less because I'm working out, and more to accommodate the lag between when my training stops and when I actually start eating less. 
  • I'll go for a bike ride without a single care about how long it takes me to go X km
  • I don't have to worry about nicking my wetsuit if I let my nails grow out longer than a millimetre
  • Less frequent warnings for my kids about getting their digits ripped off in the back wheel of the bike trainer
  • Maybe the swim caps in my closet will stop multiplying 
  • I can take a break from bananas 
  • I'll take one shower a day and call it good

    I won't be able to call this a "post-race recovery meal" again till next year

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