June 25, 2014

The Aftermath

Lessons learned from my first 70.3:

  1. If your body marking came off with your wetsuit, chances are your sunscreen did too.
  2. You can become a better descender on the bike almost instantaneously if properly motivated. Fast downhill = free speed. This becomes pretty compelling during a 90 k ride before a half marathon.
  3. If you're grinding up the hills in your smallest gear while people spin away next to you, you should have gone with a different cassette. 
  4. It doesn't matter how spent you are at the end. It's still worth walking up one more hill to get a free massage. Likewise for standing in line to get poutine. 
  5. I'm happy to watch you do your morning-after "recovery run" while I recover my own way... on a patio with eggs benedict, Advil, and a huge latte. 


Double ow.


  1. Love that your nail polish still looks awesome!

  2. Actually, love that you still have toenails ;)